Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Ugly Duckling and Me

This movie is the story The Ugly Duckling crossed with the movie Midnight Cowboy. Both movies have a character named Ratso who has dreams of breaking into the big time by managing talent. Of course this is a kids movie and Midnight Cowboy was the only XRated film to win an oscar

The movie starts with Ratso the rat being chased through the streets of Copenhagen by some gangsters. Some kind of debt collection is in order. What the two heavies and their purple wig wearing leader is not revealed until the end. Spoiler: the Ratress in the purple wig is angry at Ratso because Ratso left her at the altar. She doesn't what him physically damaged but to so through with the wedding and thereafter inflict decades of phychological torture on Ratso. She backs out when she learns that Ratso is a parent, adopted.

The movie takes 3 different areas, Copenhagen, the duck farm and the carnival. There also the wilderness between all the areas. There are months of wandering around in a wilderness that in the end is not that large at all. Copenhagen is where ratso has problems. He falls off a train gets an egg and lands in a duck farm. He has to convince the birds of the farm that is so egg sucking predator. This part is like the great escape as he tunnels daily for freedom. The last part of the movie Ratso finally gets to Miami, sorry I mean the carnival. Ratso stages his third show of the movie, there is a chase scene, fight scene until final little heartwarming conclusion.

The animals in the film may have animal characteristics they may have tools and equipment but are still essentially animals in appearance and behavior.

What this movie wants to teach me: Families can be chosen not just made.

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