Saturday, September 09, 2006

7 Ans

A disclaimer, OZ was such an amzing TV series that it made all other movies/tv in the same setting. A couple of years ago I saw a prison movie. It was okay but all the characters and situation I had recently seen in OZ. 7 Ans secedes by also by mixing it with another genre, the French Erotic Thriller. In a FET everybody gets lucky and remain unhappy.

Everybody in this movie works long and harder at achiving a sustainable state of misery. Vincent is in jail, he is not happy. Vincent's wife Maïté is not happy having to do all the various domestic chores, washing and ironing clothes, food preparation for a jailed husband she can visit but not touch. The prison guard Jean starts a creepy relationship with Maïté. Even the small boy, Pablo, that Maïté babysits begins acting prosessive and dabbles in low level pyromania while scowling at any man looking at his Maïté.

The director of the movie had previous done a documentry for fench tv about prisons. If you take his expertise on french prisons there are a details in the prison depicted that are curious. The prisoners are locked up in individual cells and are delivered food. Family and friends provide the prisoners with clothing. The occaisonal shots of Vincent's cell show lots of things that can be weaponized. His mirroe, he has a mirror, is attached to the wall the same way as in your house. The mirror could be easily broken and turned in shivs. Clothes can be easily disassembled to create ropes and choking weapons. I was shocked by the relative freedom that Vincent the criminal had. Or maybe I try to look for the worst in all of us.

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