Saturday, September 23, 2006


Princess is a disturbing movie that looks at the porn business and child abuse. It is the story of a man, August, who becomes the guardian of his niece, Mia, after his sister dies. The sister had the stage name of Princess. It begins with disturbing a scene and continues with many disturbing scenes and images. Take a look at the image above. It is the memorial for Princess, August's sister and Mia 's mother. The columns may have the right proprotions that Vitruvius specified but are a little too anatomical.

It begins with a man in a dogcollar, a priest, waking into a suburban bungalow. There the priest is confronted by a pregnant woman being being filmed having sex with multiple partners. The priest we later learn is August, the woman is his sister Princess. When the movie starts again after the credits it is 6 years later and Princess has died. After becoming the guardian of Mia his niece, August becomes aware of how Mia as a child has been sexualized by being around her mother and her friends. She has also been abused. August has picked up Mia from a brothel, he can't be too surprised.

Mia increasing exhibits evidence of abuse. Mia sees some kids playing outside the apartmant building and joins them. It is a group of 4 children who already have a Mommy a Daddy, a baby, a dog. Mia asks what see can play, the little girl playing the Mommy, the bossy one, says you can't have more then one dog or baby. Mia says great I'll be the family whore and starts undressing. The little girl playing the mother says may you can be a dog or a cat. Mia continues to disrobe as some boys watch. August notices this runs down to the square and breaks a little boy's arm. This is not the last time August is violent.

August asks that the Princess's videos and other products be recalled. Luckily he knows the the head of Paradise Lust. His initial requests are ignored so August goes on a bombing compaign. The police are not cooperative, even after ears are ripped off. After August finds out that Mia was abused by a Paradise Lust manager he brings her along to interogate the molester. Mia uses a lead pipe to the crotch to get answers. The subject becomes cooperative, however Mia decides to do smash his brains in again, again, again. There is another meeting with the big boss of the of Paradise Lust. The meeting is an ambush and August turns into commando priest leaving the restaurant a bloody mess. Now the police care.

The source for all the crazy anger of August is eventually revealed through the flashbacks of videotape. Spoiler: August was friends with the big boss of Paradise Lust. The company was built with the Princess tapes. August was his sister's first cameraman. He was responsible.

The design of this film is a combination of live action and animation. The humans are stylized with a slight anime edge. Many of the backgrounds are drafted with an architectural rigor. Sometimes the buildings appeared to based on real locations. The remenisces of August are in the form of videotape. The live action is always a videotape memory. The opening sequence is consists of words and images, then the camera zooms way out, and the words appear to part of the pixelation you see in four-color printing. When the camera pulls all the back the printing is commercial porn.

What I learned: Videotape is forever so don't do porn.

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