Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Falkenberg Farewell

The world is urbanizing and greying like no other time in history. In the past the limit on city growth was the higher death than birthrate. Cities had to recruit from towns and villages or fall status of towns or villages. In our time cities are recruiting and because of the birth rate has fallen towns and villages have a smaller part. The other problem for small towns is that a lot less people are needed for the various extractive industries then in the past.

The small town depicted in this film, Falkenberg, is a beautiful place. It has plenty of room. It has beaches. It is a wonderful place to raise children in, live in or retire to. However there is not enough to keep young people there. The characters that we follow are thirty. They are still stuck post-adolesence adolesence. They mouch/mope around. They sleep too much or not enough they spend a lot of time playing computer games. It sounds a little bit like my life. The aimless hanging out continues for most of the film until a character eats a shotgun blast.

However after looking at the wiki entry for this town I see that town is more of a small city at 38K in size. It is about 3 hours from Copenhagen and 90 minutes from Göteborg, Sweden's 2nd largest city.

What I learned: Don't commit suicide or people will make fun of you, or I will.

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