Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Away from Her

There was a report last night that Gordon Pinsett collapsed at a party after the gala. At this time in the morning, 7 am, I have no infromation about the state of his health. I have expectations of this film. Sarah Polley has been a great actor, Pinsett is a legend. Normally when actors make the switch to behind the camera they make humam centered "actor movies", not over-produced special effects products extruded like playdoh from the crap factory.

The movie takes place in Alice Munro country, south western Ontario. We see Grant (Gordon Pinsett) and Fiona (Julie Christie) cross country skiing accross a lake to their cottage/home. For the past twenty years thay have had a marvelous Freedom 55 life with a beautiful home and great health and fitness. Then Fiona's mind starts going. She forgets, she misplaces things, she wanders. She has to be institutionalized. At this Grant is more resistant than Fiona. She accepts the end of her life in a beautiful lakeside cottage. She is moves to the facility. According to the rules Grant can see her, or contact her for thirty days.

When Grant returns after thirty days Fiona has forgotten him and has focused her attention on Aubrey, a mute in a wheelchair. Grant is hurt and continues to come everyday nourished by the small still voice of hope. All Fiona can sayis, "You are persistent".

There is a retired hockey play-by-play man in the home. He narrates everything. One time while Grant is visiting hoping that Fiona will remember him he is watching a hockey game a nd the resident play-by-play guy is better than the one on the broadcast. So he mutes the TV. Sarah Polley siad she inserted this character as a tribute to an uncle who was the play-by-play announcer for the Buffalo Sabres.

What I learned: I rather lose my body than my mind.

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